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Course Overview:

 Course Title: Basic BNN (Bhrigu Nadi Nadi) Astrology Course

Instructor: Astro Rajeev

Discount: 50% off the regular price

Duration: 7 to 10 classes

Level: Beginners

Fee After Discount: Rs. 3100/- Only


What You Will Learn:

-Introduction to BNN Astrology:  Understanding the basics of Bhrigu Nadi Nadi astrology and its significance.

Fundamental Concepts: Grasping the core principles and techniques used in BNN.

Chart Reading: Learning how to read and interpret astrological charts.

– Planetary Influences: Studying the effects of different planets in BNN astrology.

– Practical Applications:  Applying BNN methods to real-life scenarios.


 Course Features:

Interactive Classes: :  Engage in live sessions with Astro Rajeev for a comprehensive learning experience.

Hands-on Practice: :  Participate in practical exercises to enhance your understanding.

– Personalized Guidance:: Receive individual attention and feedback from the instructor.

– Resource Materials: : Access to exclusive course materials and resources.


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 About Astro Rajeev:

Astro Rajeev is a renowned astrologer with years of experience in Bhrigu Nadi Nadi astrology. His expertise and passion for astrology have helped numerous students understand and master the intricate details of BNN.


Join us and unlock the mysteries of the stars with Astro Rajeev’s Basic BNN Course!