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No Astro Knowledge Required 

Its a complete Course from Basic To Advance Level

What's In the Bundle?

Basic Astrology


Identify Good

Remve Bad

No Demolation

Simple Remedies

Less Expensive



Predict Early

Identify Issue

Sureshot Remedy

What about this Course

What about Remedies

What You Will Get?

Basic of Astrology

Vastu Roots


BONUSES Worth Rs 2100/-

Bonus Class

Map Griding Course 100% Free , Grid your Home without Shakti Chakra 


Live Class Recordings for 1 Year  Complementry BONUS

What Our Customers Are Saying

The depth of Astro Rajeev Sir's knowledge in Astro Vastu is remarkable. His ability to connect Vastu principles with astrological insights has provided me with a comprehensive understanding of how to enhance the energy in my home. His teaching has not only educated me but also inspired me to delve deeper into this fascinating field."

Praveen Saini

"The Astro Vastu course exceeded my expectations. The practical applications of Vastu principles combined with astrological insights have provided me with a unique perspective on creating harmony in my surroundings. The instructors were knowledgeable and supportive, making the learning process engaging and enjoyable."


"I was initially skeptical about Astro Vastu, but this course has completely changed my outlook. The connection between astrology and Vastu Shastra is fascinating and has given me a deeper understanding of how to enhance positive energies in my home. I've already started seeing positive changes in my personal and professional life."

Ramesh Mathur

"Learning Astro Vastu under Astro Rajeev Sir has been an incredibly enriching experience. His depth of knowledge and passion for the subject is truly inspiring. He explains complex concepts with such clarity and patience that even a beginner like me could grasp them easily. His guidance has transformed my understanding of Vastu and its astrological aspects."


"Rajeev Sir is a phenomenal teacher. His expertise in Astro Vastu is unmatched, and he has a unique way of making the learning process engaging and enjoyable. The practical insights and tips he shared have been invaluable, and I've seen a noticeable improvement

Dinesh Kumar

"Astro Rajeev Sir is an outstanding mentor. His Astro Vastu course was thorough and insightful, providing practical applications that I could immediately implement. His supportive teaching style and willingness to provide personalized feedback made the learning experience both effective and enjoyable."


Frequently Asked Question

Join Live Class when session is Live , Your Name will be added in Premium Whatsapp Group for Updates 

Only Level  will full content , There is no Basic or Advance Level , 

Any One interested in Learning can Learn

We teach you the basic Astrology which is required  to understand Astro Vastu

All recordings available for 1 year in my App only , for the use of Single Device 

You'll only regret if you don't grab this offer @₹12,000/-

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